AYQ Hotel Tower

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AYQ Hotel Tower

The first 5 star Tower that is for recreational hotel suits  
On the Corniche of Jeddah

برج ايه  واي كيو AYQ
AYQ Tower
01/01/2021 I is the date of finishing and launching the advertising campaigns of 
The first and tallest tower dedicated to luxury and leisure hotel suites in Jeddah
For the first luxury / leisure hotel suite in Saudi Arabia

.The highest amusement park in Saudi Arabia.        - 25floors of a hotel with stunning sea views-  
.5star hotel management and furniture.                     -Restaurants and cafes-                                
 .Luxury hotel suites for accommodation and investment-  
.Unlimited services for investors and guests-  

برج ايه  واي كيو AYQ

Basic information:
Floors: 25 floors in addition to the smart parking building 14 floors
• The project land area = 7200 m 2
• Number of elevators: 12
Building area on the floor: 2100 sq.m.
• Project case: a solid and tested concrete (bone) building
Total building areas: 55,000 square meters
• Signed with the local engineering consultant
• The operator: Under negotiation
• The building is designed according to 5-star specifications
Rooms and suites: 300 rooms and 70 suites

The project is located in the heart of the new tourist corniche of the Red Sea, Jeddah
And it has one of the most beautiful unique sea views
Between the longest upscale walkway in Jeddah on the wonderful Corniche

برج ايه  واي كيو AYQ

And the longest sports amusement park in Jeddah from the eastern side of the project
It was designed to be a qualitative tourist and entertainment landmark that represents an added value to the Corniche of Jeddah
It provides its qualitative services that target Jeddah's visitors and other visitors, including tourists and large families
And it is integrated with the tallest administrative office tower in Saudi Arabia, which is several meters away
And with the most luxurious residential towers surrounding the project 
The tower has 25 floors that distinguished by its diversity in height, services, and picturesque views

برج ايه  واي كيو AYQ

It is characterized by a distinct panoramic glass front.
It includes the first and largest advertising screen on the Corniche of Jeddah.
And the highest event hall and an amusement park overlooking the sea in Saudi Arabia.
The tower was designed to reflect the pulse of life and a sense of luxury.
AYQ Tower Al Mutlaq Group
برج ايه  واي كيو AYQ مجموعة المطلق
It includes entertainment clubs for men and women
Meeting and celebration rooms
Multiple restaurants and cafes
First virtual mall
Smart family sessions and games
برج ايه  واي كيو AYQ مجموعة المطلق

Luxury 5-star hotel suites with multiple sizes .. providing comfort and happiness
The services and entertainment activities that the project management seeks to provide

To achieve more distinction and financial revenues:

• Sea view from all facilities
• The highest amusement park in Saudi Arabia
• Restaurants and cafes for all tastes
• Entertainment services upon request
• A system that allows housing and investment
• A leisure club with quality services for businessmen, a leisure club with innovative services for women
• Coordination and health care services
• Private secretarial
• Virtual shopping center
• In-room entertainment menu service
• Special events hall and cinema

* Pictures of designs preliminary explanatory and not final