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Medical Innovation Company

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exerts a great effort in developing health care systems to exceed international standards .. Therefore, we see the great development in health care services and products, hospital management, biotechnology, laboratories, and so on.

Therefore, the company decided to invest in this promising sector .. It also developed a strategy and plan for expansion in this sector in accordance with the policy of adding value and serving the economy and the local community.

Its first company launched the Medical Care and Innovation (MCI) company.

Which operates through its offices in Riyadh and Jeddah .. specializes in providing medical analysis and health sector services in cooperation with the best European companies and field healthcare consultants.

An exclusive and significant cooperation is held between SYNLAB (SYNLAB INTERNATIONAL GmbH) and MCI.

SYNLAB is the largest provider of laboratory services on the European continent.

MCI also collaborates closely and exclusively with CERUS Corporation, a far-reaching global leader in pathogen inactivation to reduce the risk of transfusion-borne infections in blood bank laboratories.

In addition, MCI has several very promising comprehensive, forward-looking and strategic national and international cooperation operations with high-level facilities and well-known medical entities in Europe and Saudi Arabia.

We are setting standards in the field of laboratory medicine and blood banking with our constant drive to meet market demands and pioneering innovations. Thanks to its specialist knowledge, high reliability, and superior quality, MCI's goal is to become a regional leader.