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Investment And Development

The group has deep experience in the investment and development sector - especially real estate - because of its diverse expertise, capabilities and experiences of working in the most important and major Saudi cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah and Qassim.

We focus in the company on creating quality investment projects that can achieve high feasibility and profitability for partners, and value and sustainability for society.

We have a team of specialists with extensive experience and achievements, adopting close cooperation with the relevant business sectors to support studies and works for the development and marketing of the company's main projects in accordance with the strategic plans and long-term goals set.

The company today is qualified to provide an integrated solution for every real estate investor to be a strategic partner in all development, finance, marketing and operation management works .. through its fixed principles:

  • Commitment to the principle of long-term investments
  • Investing in high-performance companies with leading brands.
  • Collaboration through strategic partnerships and alliances.
  • Extracting value from undervalued or underperforming assets.