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Medical Services

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making great efforts in the care systems to exceed international standards.

The company decided to invest in a promising sector.

Its companies launched Medical Care and Innovation (MCI).

Shahidah works at its offices in Riyadh and Jeddah .. Cleaning services in providing medical analysis and health care services in the field of health care in the surrounding area ..

An exclusive and significant cooperation is held between SYNLAB (SYNLAB INTERNATIONAL GmbH) and MCI.

SYNLAB is the largest provider of laboratory services on the European continent.

MCI scientifically collaborates with CERUS, a world leader in specific cases of pathogens, to reduce the spread of transfusion-borne infections in blood bank laboratories.

In addition, MCI is a medium, comprehensive and promising national communications company has high-profile facilities and medical entities in Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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